Accidental Death and Dismemberment

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Frequently Asked Questions

AD&D insurance provides benefits specifically for accidental deaths and injuries, whereas life insurance offers coverage for a broader range of causes of death, including natural causes, illnesses, and accidents. AD&D insurance is typically more affordable than life insurance but has a narrower scope of coverage. It’s common for individuals to have both types of insurance to ensure comprehensive protection.

No, AD&D insurance is not a substitute for life insurance. While AD&D provides coverage for accidental death and specific injuries, life insurance offers broader coverage, including death from natural causes and illnesses. Many individuals choose to have both types of insurance to ensure comprehensive protection.

In the event of an AD&D claim, the benefits are typically paid out in a lump sum to the policyholder or their designated beneficiaries. The amount of the payment depends on the severity of the covered accident and the terms of the policy. The beneficiaries can use the payout as they see fit, whether for medical expenses, income replacement, or other financial needs.

First aid support accident at work of worker at factory.

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